Donay Life And Wellness Center

Urbana, OH ChiropractorDonay Life and Wellness Center offers Chiropractic treatments, Medical Massage, and so much more. We are conveniently located in Urbana Ohio to serve Champaign County and the surrounding areas. At Donay Life and Wellness Center we are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals to improve your quality of life. When you choose Donay Life and Wellness Center you can be assured to receive only the finest quality care through the use of modern Chiropractic equipment and technology. Some places tend to use a one size fits all treatment but Dr. Donay and the team have a genuine concern for your well-being and give you the care you really need. Dr. Jeffrey Donay and his highly skilled team that includes a LMT are committed to bringing you better health naturally by combining the skills and expertise of Chiropractic, Massage, and Wellness Care.

  • Certified Independent Chiropractic Examiner
  • Independent Medical Exam
  • DOT Physicals
  • Sports Physicals/Rehab
  • Workman's Comp BWC Facility
  • Massage Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Exercise
  • E-stim
  • Spinal Decompression Traction Therapy
  • Heat/Ice Therapy

Call us today on 937-653-5353 or click here to complete our Contact Us form and one of our friendly team members will contact you to schedule a Chiropractic check up.

A DOT physical is $55, a DOT physical with a drug test is $95. These can be done on Tuesday and Thursdays from 12 pm - 4 pm and Saturdays 8am-10am.

We put our patients first by really listening to what he/she has to say. By taking the personal experience into account, it better equips us to help that person heal in the best possible way. Our unique approach is more proactive and more effective than traditional care. Come visit us and see what we are all about. We specialize in methods that can boost your natural recovery; we can take and develop X-rays onsite. Being able to have fast X-ray access helps to quickly act with a health plan. Thank you for having confidence in Donay Life and Wellness Center.  We look forward to helping you on the path to healing. Always accepting new patients!!!


About Chiropractic

About Chiropractic

Chiropractic has been helping people with musculoskeletal pain for over 110 years.


Back Pain Relief

Back Pain

Chiropractic restores the health and mobility of the spine to provide lasting, effective relief of back pain.


Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain

Chiropractic can correct dysfunctions in the spine to relieve neck pain and disability.

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