Back Pain

​According to latest estimates, the overall prevalence of back pain is 11.2% (with an overall 1-month prevalence of about 23.2%) as per the data reported by the peer-reviewed journal Arthritis and Rheumatology. However, it is believed that the lifetime risk of developing lower back pain in general population is as high as 80%.

Common Causes of Back Pain

  • Back Pain in Urbana, OHDegenerative bone conditions:With physiological aging, the bone and cartilage undergoes wear and tear changes that may lead to weak and vulnerable bones.
  • Accidents and Injuries: The extent of injury is dependent on the intensity of the accident. Some accidents may only cause back pain and soft tissue injuries, but in some cases it may result in more devastating outcomes, such as injury to the spinal cord. Spinal cord is the most crucial component of the back region and any injury to spinal column may lead to debilitating consequences to health and wellness.Common causes of back pain due to accidents or injuries include falls from a height, car accidents, assault, sports injuries and other similar agents. The nature of injury can range from sprains, tearing of ligament to full blown dislocation or fracture.
  • Acquired conditions: A number of acquired conditions (that may be physiological like pregnancy) or pathological (like hormonal aberrations, bone tumors, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, circulatory disorders), infectious agents (septic arthritis, gonococcal arthritis, osteomyelitis), autoimmune conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis) and others.


Treatment for Back Pain

There are numerous risks and hazards associated with pharmacological or surgical interventions (most important of which are cost, risk of side effects and high risk of recurrence of symptoms). If you're searching for non-invasive, low-risk method to treat back pain, chiropractic care could be your answer.

Urbana chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Donay offers optimal individualized care after preliminary assessment of the extent and severity of damage. Besides providing a variety of chiropractic treatments Urbana chiropractor, Dr. Donay also provides:

  • Nutritional guidance and counseling
  • Education and training about posture maintenance and special exercises.
  • Massage therapy

Don't let back pain interfere with your quality of life; let chiropractic improve it! Contact our office in Urbana, OH for efficient back pain relief today.


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