DOT Physicals

 Dr.Donay  is a Certified Medical Examiner with TeamCME. The office is able to do DOT physicals complete with urine analysis testing. Please call the office at 937-653-5353 to reserve an appointment.


 Bring all paper work

 Picture ID

 Wear loose fitting clothes

Bring/wear glasses/contacts

Have a list of medications you’re taking

Bring a list of your health care providers and their contact information

Have a list of past five years health conditions and surgeries

If you have a heart condition or have had heart surgery bring a letter of medical release and test results from your specialist (such as EKG or ETT [exercise tolerance test] along with current fraction percent

Please do not drink caffeinated drinks the day of the exam

You will be performing a urine test, please do not use the restroom 15 minutes prior to appoinment.

If you are type 2 diabetic please bring the copy of your last A1C results along with your doctor's name and office phone number

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time


 The cost is $50 or $85 if a drug test is needed. Please take the time to print off the paper work to save time. Thank you!



DOT Physical3pgs.pdf