Products available in the office



The products our office supplies to the public can help ease the everyday aches and pains as well as the tenderness that can accompany the healing process. We have special pillows such as Tempur-pedic and Pillo-pedic to help with neck discomfort available in the office but also are a distributor of Tempur-pedic beds. We carry BioFreeze, Ultimate Joint Repair and Standard Process for body ache assistance. The PolarIce is able to be used for heat or ice, and is very flexible so that it molds to the body area needed. The back brace and elbow brace units are available through prescription only.








Advocare is a product that helps strip away the toxins in your body to give your system a chance to soak in the nutrients the body needs to function properly. Advocare offers one of the best weight loss plans know as the 24 day Challenge. This challenge gives the body a healthy cleanse to improve weight loss, functionality, and overall health. If you’re interested in any of the products, or more information regarding the products, feel free to contact the office at 937-653-5353.